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Imagine what it feels like to be able to pedal smoothly, feeling that one leg is truly helping the other. Even though you are gaining speed, there still plenty of room for more. Your upper body feels relax, stable and in control. You are one with the bike and your riding form looks beautiful. Your climbing has become much easier and slopes that were painfully gained, though still tough, are managed much more effectively. Knowing that you are generating propulsive power with high efficiency and that the burning feeling in your quads is a thing of the past. That is what Lift Propulsive Pedaling (LPP) will deliver for you!

I’m Joseph Vilella, the developer of Lift Propulsive Pedaling (LPP) as well as an advanced technologies innovator. I also love cycling and have been a pedaling mechanics coach (LPP) and indoor cycling instructor for the last 7 years.

I have developed this LPP training website in order for you to get the LPP essentials, drills and coaching cues leading to your full adaptation of the Performance and Touring variants of the LPP technique. As part of your membership, I’m also your personal LPP coach and no matter where you are around the world, you are just an email away from me via joevilella@gmail.com. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me via email for any membership and registration related questions. Once you become a member and log in, you will have access to the following :

Welcome – This page offers you similar information relative to the content of each page as well as hipper links to each of the pages.

Dedication – This page honors the person that inspired and motivated me to bring LPP to all of you.

LPP Overview – This page provides you a quick paced, non-technical overview of the LPP technique. A very interesting read indeed.

Equipment Set Up – This page gives you the “how” and the “why” relative to the ideal cycling shoes for LPP, how do you set up you saddle height and horizontal position and how do you set up you cleats for LPP.

LPP Technique – This page provides a simple dive into the physics behind the LPP techniques. It tells you what mechanisms drive the Performance as well as the Touring variants of LPP. I have done my best to simplify its explanations and it is important that you understand them.

Riding with LPP – This page discusses how to approach and ride the different types of terrain with LPP. From the standing start to going into flat or up and down the grades, you get the essentials of how to do your shifting with LPP and how to use efficiently the power meter if you have one.

LPP Numbers – In this page, I provide some of my LPP performance data so that you can correlate it to how I use LPP on the road. I dovetail some of the information here to the Riding with LPP page. Interesting read from the LPP usage point of reference.

Newsletter – This page delivers new site related information, LPP tips and interesting cycling news.

LPP Coaching Sessions – This is your coaching sessions page in a blog format. You can leave comments or ask questions relative to specific sessions. You can also email me your queries about a specific session if you so desired.

LPP Personal Coaching – Whether via email or an arranged coaching call, I’m you LPP personal coach and you are never on your own while you are an LPP training site member.

Teaching LPP to people of differing ages, abilities, and cycling goals also proved that it could be easily adaptable to the various levels and types of cycling. Because I have developed a “Touring” as well as a “Performance” version of LPP, as long you are attached to the pedals of your bike, whether it is for fitness, performance, racing, touring or simply for the enjoyment of the ride, LPP will be great for you!

I also created the http://www.lppedaling.com website to provide an insight into how LPP was developed, how it differs from pure pedal pushing and how it is similar to the Pro pedaling technique. I also provide my background, that of the Pro cyclist that tested LPP, as well as details pertinent to its testing. If you haven’t done it, I urge you to visit this introductory site and get whatever LPP information you feel want from it.

Finally, though LPP is a simple pedaling technique to perform and adapt to, it is not without its challenges if you don’t pay attention to the prescribed process. Stay close to the script and you will have no problem with it. It took me well over a year to get LPP fully optimized. This website is designed to get you to adapt to it quickly. So if you want to progress quickly and accurately with LPP, become members, educate yourself, please ask me questions if you have to, put your effort on the bike and change the way you ride!!!

LPP Training and Coaching Membership Price

$12.00 (USD) per Month

For as Long as You Want to Benefit from this Site and Its Present and Future Offerings

Along with the LPP “how to” information provided within the website, as a paying member, you have my services as your personal LPP coach. Contact me via joevilella@gmail.com and I will help you get the best out of LPP. If you need to talk to me please request a coaching call or face to face Zoom meeting via email and I will schedule one. Remember, you are not learning LPP alone, wherever you are around the world I’m here for you!!!

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